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AUDITION PERFORMANCE PROJECT "KALEIDOSCOP" IN BERLIN SEP - DEC 2023 The light that falls into a kaleidoscope is life, the colours and geometric shapes that emerge from it are a person's personality, soul and essence, in which lies beauty. Patterns and sequences that are constantly changing symbolise the art of creation and the power of the elements. ​ Our 'Kinetic Kaleidoscope' post-graduate programme bridges the gap between education and professional life as an artist. ​ Over a period of 4 months you will rehearse intensively with renowned choreographers and create full-length pieces. ​ For the first cycle we are delighted to welcome Cree Barnett Williams, Marion Sparber and Zoe Gyssler. ​ With this programme you will gain important stage experience, strengthen your artistic personality and come into contact with the international dance scene. ​ We look forward to receiving your application! The audition fee will be 30€. Many thanks!


2.-5.May: Contemporary Class @tanzfabrik, Berlin ​ 7.-9.May: Contemporary Class @profitraining, Basel ​ 15.-18.May: Contemporary Class @Eslocal, Palma de Mallorca ​ 22.-26. May: The Versatile Body Workshop @lefacteur, Micadanse, Paris 17.-21. july: The Villager Workshop @b12, Berlin ​ 9. -13.Oct: Contemporary Class @Marameo, Berlin ​


FIRESTARTER has been showed at Festival Hasard, Fribourg (CH). If you missed it, check it out online!

Zoe Gyssler  

Nils Klinger / "Silence is red" by Zoe Gyssler

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