Alessia Ruffolo

Zoe Gyssler is a swiss/Canadian dancer, choreographer and teacher from Basel, who lives between Germany, Switzerland and Spain. For 14 years she did gymnastics at national and international level and did her dance training at Varium in Barcelona and at the Music and Dance Academy in Jerusalem. In 2015 she received her bachelor's degree in cultural anthropology and sports science from the University of Basel. As a freelance dancer, she has worked internationally with choreographers such as Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus, Johannes Wieland, Maxine Doyle, Helder Seabra, Tom Weinberger, Luke Murphy, Edan Gorlicki, Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble, Marcel Leemann, Jochen Stechmann, Fanta5 and others. She co-founded the dance collective Bufo Makmal, with whom she created "Into Pieces" and "ALL.ES", which were showed in Zürich, St. Gallen, Winterthur, Herisau, Lausanne and Luzern. The site specific piece "Bufo Makmal & Guests @Flatterschaft" followed in 2015. Since 2016 she has been making her own work, which has mainly been produced at the Staatstheater Kassel. The short piece "Almost There" was shown in 2016 and followed by her next piece "Silence Is Red" in 2017. In 2018 she created "This is Erol", a collaboration with Victor Rottier, that was shown in Kassel and Arnheim. Since 2018 she is working on a longer project called “The Villager”, a character research that forms the basis for her latest pieces “The Visitor” and “The Village”. Since 2010 Zoe has taught classes, workshops and set pieces at various universities, festivals and private dance schools across Europe. She also regularly teaches professional training for dance professionals in Germany, Switzerland and Spain. She is currently working on a new creation with Johannes Wieland.

Danny Willems / "Die Bakchen" Ultima Vez