Bufo Makmal & Guests @Flatterschaft

There once was a King. The snowy mountain is near. A dizzy head awaits within the clouds. White tendons slump down. Dripping water. She sings. He plays. And still, all are simply dancing toads.

Bufo Makmal, in cooperation with the artists of Flatterschaft (cultural center in Basel), invite the audience into a dreamy, whimsical dream world. The various rooms of the Flatterschaft are transformed into a bizarre and humorous installation through the power of dance, lighting design, sounds, and visuals.

The Guests are

Pascal Moor, Yves Regenass, Steven Schoch, Melebe Misanthrop, Cry Sokoll, Sylvester Thamasanqua Majela, Michael Eigenmann, Lukas Pulver, Christian Fischer, Simon Krebs, Andrea Zurfluh, Gwen van den Eijnde, Luca Aaron, Lorraine Dinkel, Ambrosius Huber, Thomas Schellenberger, David Hohl, Tilo Spreng, Simon Kwe, Jonas Schaffter, Lukas Riggli, Christian Montes

Christian Montes