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FIRESTARTER is a ritualistic attempt to accept the darkness within us; while transforming the force of pain and anger into light, pleasure, humor. Based on historical and biblical female figures and their own family stories, the performers uncover in a physically demanding performance their own individual journey through transgenerational trauma. The audience is immersed into an intimate and mystical world with installation, dance, vivid costumes, video and audiovisuals that celebrate the female body in both its destructive power and creativity.

Direction & Creation: Zoe Gyssler

Concept: Zoe Gyssler & Nika Timashkova

Co-Creators & Performers: Aymara Parola, Lauren Rae Mace, Anna Rose, Zoe Gyssler

Costumes: Nika Timashkova

Installation: Nika Timashkova & Stella Meris

Sound: Malik & Maram Diao

Lights: Pablo Schenkel

Video: Keren Chernizon / Projeto SOLO

Production: Ben Nurgenç, Apricot Production

Graphic: André Offenhammer

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